Seiko launches Super Resistant Clear range

The portfolio includes five lens coatings designed for different wearer lifestyles, including drivers, outdoor enthusiasts, and those spending a prolonged time on screens

An illustration of the quality of vision through Seiko’s new lens coatings

Seiko has launched its new Super Resistant Clear (SRC) coating range.

The portfolio includes five lens coatings designed for different wearer lifestyles, with the aim of facilitating clear communication with eye care professionals and supporting wearer decision-making when it comes to choosing a lens coating.

Seiko highlighted the all-day performance capabilities of the SRC-Ultra and SRC-One. SRC-Ultra offers 50% lower reflectance than previous Seiko coatings, while providing high contrast and aesthetics.

The SRC-One features an anti-static layer for easy cleaning and to support longer transparency.

The portfolio also has three lens coatings customised to the unique needs of specific wearer lifestyles.

The SRC-Sun has been designed for “outdoor enthusiasts” reducing glare and enhancing contrast and is ideally matched with sun lenses.

The SRC-Road is suited for drivers, with the company suggesting this provides “clear and relaxed vision” in low-light conditions by minimising glare from headlights and reflections.

Finally, SRC-Screen has been created to meet the demands of digital lifestyles with prolonged time spent on screens. Each coating is applied to the front and back surface of the lens.

Introducing the range, the company said: “In the age of technological advancement, simplicity is the key to navigating our lives effectively. Both as professionals and consumers, we seek simple, smart, and straightforward solutions.”

“Seiko enters the realm of simplicity with perfect timing, introducing its new portfolio and marking a new chapter in optics,” the company added.