Public survey suggests style comes before UV ratings when selecting sunglasses

A study of 2000 people, carried out on behalf of Specsavers, found 67% of respondents purchase sunglasses without checking how well they would protect their eyes

Specsavers sunglasses

A survey into the country’s views on sun protection and their eyes has found that one in four people are either unconcerned or unaware about UV exposure to their eyes.

A poll on behalf of Specsavers of 2000 people found that 67% of respondents purchase sunglasses without checking how well they protect their eyes from the sun.

For the majority of respondents (71%), a good-looking pair of sunglasses was at the forefront of their purchase decision, while considering whether the style fits their face also took priority over the UV protection rating.

Specsavers survey

In a survey of 2000 people, 40% overlook or don’t understand the UV protection ratings

Consumers can look for one of three ratings which indicate that a pair of sunglasses meets safety standards: CE (European Community Standard), BSEN1836 (British Standard) or UV400 rating.

However, 40% of respondents said they overlook UV protection ratings when buying sunglasses, or don’t know what it means.

Over a third (38%) shared that despite wearing prescription spectacles, they do not own prescription sunglasses.

Conducted via OnePoll, the survey found that the average adult is willing to spend up to £71.50 on a pair of sunglasses. Just over half of respondents (54%) shared that they usually opt for cheaper sunglasses, as they are afraid of losing or breaking a more expensive pair.

Giles Edmonds, Specsavers clinical director, emphasised: “It is essential that sunglasses meet the safety standards to protect against UV damage. Sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory – they’re a legitimate form of sun protection.”