Behind the brand

Classic eyewear with a twist of individuality

Avital Kropp, brand manager at Mondottica, told OT  about Scotch & Soda’s entry into the UK, sustainable goals, and taking inspiration from space

Scotch & Soda model wearing sunglasses

What is Scotch & Soda? What makes your eyewear unique?

Avital Kropp, brand manager, Mondottica (AK): Born and raised in Amsterdam, with a global view on the world, Scotch & Soda is inspired by the liberal outlook of its home city. The brand strives to bring joy through its products, no matter the circumstances, and the eyewear collection is no exception to this, designed for anyone who champions individuality and authenticity.

What is the latest collection Scotch & Soda has released?

AK: The latest Scotch & Soda eyewear collection includes bespoke, triple layered acetates with strong bevel details and subtle metal accents, such as coin edged knurling and contrasting brows that can be seen from every angle. Architecturally-inspired temples, ripple textured core wires and enamel embossed pops of colour complete the look for 2022.

What does it mean for the brand to be officially launching in the UK? What impact did the pandemic have on its entry to the market?

AK: The collection has gone from strength to strength over the last couple of years. It’s exciting to be able to showcase the brand and celebrate the eyewear collection with the official launch it deserves.

The pandemic prevented us from launching Scotch & Soda eyewear as we’d originally planned. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to launch properly at 100% Optical this year.

Growth is a key focus in 2022… Officially launching the eyewear collection at 100% Optical in London fitted well with 2022 plans

Mondottica brand manager, Avital Kropp

What is Scotch & Soda’s approach to production?

AK: Scotch & Soda celebrates uniqueness and the power of expression. This mindset is at the forefront of every stage of the design process and allows our designers to push the boundaries of eyewear production. The result is a collection that stands out from the rest. Slim metal and acetate shapes, and simple but sophisticated construction, lay the foundation of a beautifully crafted, quality collection. Layered onto this are delicate flairs of colour adorning temple tips and rivets, luxurious mineral acetates, organic metal textures and geometric forms that give the collection its individuality. Finally, the Scotch & Soda logo can be seen throughout the collection, subtly adorning temple tips, titanium nose pads and temples, paying homage to the brand’s curious nature.

Scotch & Soda frames
Scotch & Soda has introduced bio-acetate to its collection in 2022

Are there any new products in development to be aware of?

AK: As with the clothing collections, quality and fit are paramount, but Scotch & Soda also imagine a world where it is doing good. One of its top priorities is to run the business with greater sensitivity to our planet by making more responsible choices that reduce environmental impact. 2022 sees the introduction of bio-acetate to the eyewear collection, a natural and renewable material made from cotton and wood pulp. Coloured with plant-oil based pigments, this material is highly durable and flexible, offering superior comfort to the wearer. Bio-acetate offers a sustainable option to conventional plastic that can be broken down into non-toxic components at the end of the product life span and returned to nature.

What eyewear trends do you predict in the months ahead?

Our design teams have recently been inspired by Scotch & Soda’s concept story: ‘Our Space on Earth.' The design concept is a tale of freethinking and optimism, encouraging us to see the world with a new perspective. Expect to see organic contours, rippled textures and earthy pops of colour inspired by water, landscapes and our earth as seen from space.

What ambitions does the brand have for the next 12 months?

Growth is a key focus in 2022. In August, Scotch & Soda celebrate the opening of its Covent Garden store, adding a third location to their London portfolio. Officially launching the eyewear collection at 100% Optical in London fitted well with 2022 plans.