SightGlass Vision joint venture begins

Acquired by EssilorLuxottica and CooperCompanies in 2021, the company seeks to produce spectacle lenses that address myopia progression

Young child wearing glasses

A joint venture between EssilorLuxottica and CooperCompanies, focused on myopia management, has begun operation.

The partnership aims to accelerate the commercialisation of SightGlass Vision’s Diffusion Optics Technology for myopia management.

The technology incorporates thousands of ‘micro-dots’ into the lens to scatter light and reduce contrast on the retina, aiming to reduce the progression of myopia in children.

The collaboration also aims to help grow the myopia management category, explained Dan McBride, chief operating officer and general counsel at CooperCompanies.

“Adding spectacle lenses with SightGlass Vision technology to our portfolio of myopia management products translates into better eyesight and brighter lives for countless children,” he added.

The joint acquisition of SightGlass Vision was announced in February 2021. 

As SightGlass Vision begins to operate and the first products from the company enter the market, Norbert Gorny, co-chief operating officer at EssilorLuxottica, said: “Together with eye care professionals, we will be able to grow awareness about existing solutions and improve access to technologies that can help children today and in their future lives.”