Transitions Optical introduces Transitions XTRActive

The new generation of Transitions lenses provide enhanced light protection through new technologies

model in transition lenses

Transitions Optical has revealed the Transitions XTRActive New Generation lenses, designed to provide light protection in a variety of settings and for wearers with light sensitivity.

The lenses have been designed to provide extra light protection and support to wearers frequently exposed to bright or harsh artificial lights. The lenses could be beneficial for light sensitive patients, the company suggests, making up 30% of spectacle wearers.

Transitions Optical suggests the new lenses are the darkest photochromic lenses in hot temperatures and the only photochromic lenses that achieve category three levels of darkness at 35 degrees Celsius.

The lenses are also the only photochromic lenses that reach category two levels of darkness in the car, offering a maximum darkness at 23 degrees Celsius with no driving restrictions.

The Transitions lenses offer UVA and UVB protection, as well as blue light technologies.

Compared to previous Transitions XTRActive lenses, the new product is up to 35% faster to fade to black than previous generations, due to new nano-composite matrix technology and new powerful broad spectrum dyes, which activate in the UV and visible light spectrum.

“People are experiencing increased symptoms of eye strain and discomfort whether inside or outdoors, and Transitions XTRActive lenses were designed with this issue in mind,” Brian O’Neil, global vice president, innovation, technology and operations, at Transitions Optical, explained, adding: “In fact, three out of ten eyeglass wearers are very light sensitive.”

“Wearers of Transitions Optical technology want flexibility,” O’Neil suggested – from indoors, outdoors and driving, suggesting the new lenses provide light protection “regardless of the situation.”

The new lenses are available in grey, brown and graphite green, as well as four Style Mirror options.

The Transitions XTRActive New Generation are available in the UK and Ireland.