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Essilor launches Stellest lens for slowing myopia progression

The lenses are designed with HALT technology to help slow eye elongation


Essilor has launched its new Stellest lens for correcting myopia and slowing its progression.

Results from a clinical trial found that children wearing Stellest lenses for at least 12 hours a day saw myopia progression reduced by 67% on average (0.99 Dioptres), compared to children wearing single vision lenses.

The lenses are designed with Highly Aspherical Lenslet Target (HALT) technology. This involves an arrangement of 1021 invisible aspherical contiguous lenslets distributed over 11 rings on the surface of the lens.

Essilor suggests this has been designed to create a volume of unfocused light in front and following the shape of the retina which helps to slow eye elongation, and therefore myopia progression.

Tim Precious, managing director at Essilor, suggested the anticipated launch of the new lens in the UK would be a “game changing development” in addressing myopia progression.

“We all know that myopia is on the increase, and practices will undoubtedly be seeing more and more young myopic patients seeking long term solutions,” Precious said.

The Stellest lens can offer myopia correction and control, he shared, “to help minimise the risk of related complications that can eventually lead to irreversible vision loss, and without any aesthetic compromise.”

The lenses can be recommended to children from six to 16 years old and are suitable for a variety of frames.

“Stellest lenses provide a solid solution for the ECP to recommend to children if the practitioner feels their myopia needs to be managed,” Precious continued, suggesting the new lens will “set the standard for myopia management.”

Essilor has said that training and point of sale material is available for practices, while the Stellest lens is also included in the 2022 multi-pair promotion.