Bird launches eyewear range for children

Materials used in the Birdies range render the frames “virtually indestructible” for inquisitive young wearers

Birdies glasses

Sustainable eyewear brand, Bird Eyewear, has launched a new range of frames for children.

Called Birdies, the new range of frames are made from a natural polymer made from processed castor beans. Castor plants grow very fast and do not require pesticides or chemicals.

The resulting material is lighter than aluminium but 10 times stronger than the plastics used in car bumpers, and 13 times stronger than common bioplastics, the brand suggested.

“These frames are virtually indestructible and designed to withstand rough treatment; they are bendable and throwable,” Bird shared, describing it as “the perfect material for inquisitive minds.”

The frames are available in ‘sunshine yellow’ and ‘sky blue’ in two sizes; 0-4 years, and 4-11 years.

Discussing the process behind developing the new range, Ed Bird, founder of Bird Eyewear, told OT: “We've had customers asking us about children's frames for a long time, and being mums and dads ourselves, we thought it's high time to make a little something for the next generation.”

Bird explained: “Birdies are a playful take on our beloved Bird brand, and ideal for our junior flock members. It's taken a while to develop them and make sure they tick all the right boxes for children, and we're really pleased to launch them ahead of Christmas.”