Behind the brand

Giving athletes depth of choice

Perry Moore, managing director for Silhouette UK, tells OT  about the company’s sports eyewear brand, Evil Eye, following its UK launch in autumn 2021


Could you give OT a bit of background on the Evil Eye brand?

Evil Eye is committed to set the benchmark in premium, prescription sports eyewear. From the start, our idea was to create best-in-class sports glasses, not only for the best competitive athletes, but also for all sport-lovers who want the best eyewear to support their sports activities.

What makes Evil Eye eyewear unique?

Perry Moore
Perry Moore, managing director of Silhouette UK, which is behind Evil Eye
The combination of best-in-class prescription solutions, innovative frame and lens technology and uncompromising quality is what makes Evil Eye really unique. The frames have a number of clever adjustable components that ensure optimum comfort and fit. In addition to that, there are a large variety of light stabilising technology (LST) lens filters available according to the light, weather conditions, or sports discipline. LST balances out extreme light fluctuations and ensures good vision at all times.

What is the latest collection that you have released and why does it stand out from the crowd?

In September, we launched the new elate.o pro. We developed this particular piece in collaboration with renowned mountaineers, so it is ideal for the forthcoming winter sports season. It has a unique construction system and versatile features, including a ventilation foam face pad, nose cover and head strap, which provide the best possible protection for mountaineers in high alpine regions in any weather – which can often be extreme.

How has the brand evolved since its European debut in 2019, and how was the UK launch received?

Since the launch, we have continued to develop the collection, adding in new options for golf, running, and outdoors. It’s a collection with a lot of depth and choice for sports enthusiasts. The launch within the UK has been extremely well received. Our customers have been particularly wowed by the quality of the Rx solutions and the choice of prescription options available for their patients.

Are there any new products in development that customers should be aware of?

We are currently developing a collection of Rx winter sports goggles, which will be launched in 2022.

eyewear by evil eye
Evil Eye’s ‘elate.o pro – model e023’, developed in partnership with mountaineers

What do you predict eyewear trends to be in sports and leisure in 2022?

Large shields and over-sized sports frames with bold colours are still hugely popular in the market, and we expect this to continue into 2022.

What effect did the pandemic have on the brand? How did you respond?

Entering the market shortly after the height of the pandemic (and Brexit) has definitely presented its challenges. However, the pandemic has led to a demand in high quality, long-lasting products so Evil Eye is perfectly positioned to react to this shift in consumer buying habits and the movement away from ‘fast fashion’ brands and products.

What are the company’s main ambitions for the next 12 months?

Evil Eye marks another milestone in innovation for Silhouette and demonstrates our commitment to providing the very best products for our customers and their patients. We are really excited to see the continuing development of collections into 2022 that will empower sports glasses wearers to look and feel their best.