Essilor launches new spectacle lens for children

The Eyezen Kids lens is specifically designed for children between the age of six and 12

girl wearing Eyezen frames

Essilor has launched a new lens for children that aims to enhance the visual comfort of young spectacle wearers.

The Eyezen Kids lens incorporates DualOptim technology that aligns target points for distance and near vision and brings children a wider clear vision area across the lenses.

The lens, which is specifically designed for wearers between the ages of six and 12, takes children’s parameters into account – including morphology, object distance and gaze direction.

Essilor highlights that this provides 60% more optimal lens area than a standard single vision lens design, with 60% fewer aberrations in the lower area of the lens.

Managing director at Essilor, Tim Precious, shared that the independently-tested lens will improve the lives of children by providing greater visual performance.

“It considers two reference points to optimise the surface of the lens for all children’s gaze directions - not only for the centre of the lens - while maintaining their prescription,” he said.

“It takes into consideration that children have different facial features to adults and shorter arms so view objects at a closer distance,” Precious highlighted.

He added that extending the Eyezen range to include a design for children will help eye care practitioners to meet the visual needs of the whole family.

Existing products within the range include Eyezen Start, designed for patients aged 12 to 39 who experience light to moderate visual fatigue, and Eyezen Boost, which is tailored for wearers between the ages of 18 and 50 who experience high visual fatigue.

A patient guarantee will launch on 1 September for patients who buy any Eyezen lens, enabling customers to exchange their lenses free of charge up to a year from purchase if they are not completely happy with the lenses.