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Bird Eyewear launches new marine-safe packaging

The eco-friendly mailer bag is water soluble and biodegradable

Bird Ecowrap

Sustainable brand, Bird Eyewear, has launched a new water soluble and biodegradable mailer bag for its frames, meaning the packaging can be dissolved or recycled after use. 

Bird Eyewear has teamed up with packaging company Aquapak to create an ‘earth-friendly’ mailer bag and to tackle the issue of single-use plastic pollution.

Ecowrap is made from Hydropol, featuring a specially-formulated polymer called Polyvinylalcohol (PVOH) which, unlike traditional polymers, is hydrophilic and so will break down into a biomass in water. 

dissolving bag
Bird Eyewear’s Ecowrap is water soluble as well as biodegradable
The material has undergone “rigorous testing,” Bird Eyewear confirmed, and is certified non-toxic to marine species. While traditional plastics have the potential to draw other toxins to themselves or leach chemicals, the hydrophilic Ecowrap packaging does not attract toxins or form toxic micro plastics.

The Hydropol polymers are also biodegradable and dissolve at about 70°C.

“This means every bag can be safely dissolved at the end of its life,” the company shared, adding that the packaging can also be reused or recycled directly, such as in use as a food waste bag.

The company also highlighted that the packaging is “robust” at standard temperatures, performing well in storage and transport.

Commenting on the new mailer bag, founder Ed Bird said: “Whilst eyewear is our focus, we don’t stop there when it comes to developing better materials. Every part of our product gets the same love and attention – even our mailer bags.”

“In the same spirit as everything else we do, we wanted to try something new and innovative. Working with Aquapak to create this mailer is a great showcase of material capabilities in the UK; bringing together design, vision and expertise to create something world-class and truly unique. And for us it’s just another step in the right direction for the planet,” Bird continued.