Eco launches frames made from recycled ocean plastics

The eyewear brand has partnered with an NGO that works with local fishermen to collect the plastic

Eco frames
Eyewear brand, Eco, has launched a collection of frames made from recycled ocean plastics.

The brand has teamed up with Waste Free Oceans, an NGO that works with local fishermen who collect waste plastic, to source the material. The materials are then checked, cleaned, cut, dried and prepared, before being extruded into plastic granules that are used for the Eco Ocean frames.

The lightweight frames are made with a matte finish in ocean-inspired colours, including aqua, ink, and clay, as well as black, olive and blue.

The collection includes eight optical frames as well as a range of sunglasses with polarised and non-polarised lenses.

Launching the collection, the company shared: “Making a difference starts with making better choices, and that’s why we made it our mission to use recycled metal, castor seed oil, and now ocean-based plastics in our frames.”

Eco’s cases and packaging are also made from sustainable materials.

Optical styles include ‘Kai,’ a women’s rounded square with a lightly curved upper brow, the cat’s eye ‘Lana,’ and ‘Neri,’ which features a rounded base.

The square men’s frame, ‘Tide’, has rounded edges for a design reminiscent of the wayfarer style. The unisex frame, ‘Cove’ offers a classic pantos style with keyhole bridge, while ‘Sand’ has a more rectangular shape, with the lenses rounded at the base. The round ‘Fjord’ frame hosts a straight, raised brow, while ‘Reef’ is another classic pantos, but with a keyhole bridge to showcase its curved brows.

Polarised sunglasses include two cat’s eye style frames, ‘Laguna’ and ‘Dune,’ and the classic pantos ‘Coast.’ The ‘Shore’ frames offer a round sun frame with a straight, raised brow.

Finally, non-polarised sunglasses include the women’s cat’s eye frame, ‘Pearl,’ with deep curves at the brow line, ‘Coral,’ in a round style, and the men’s square frame, ‘Salt.’ The unisex frame, ‘Wade,’ offers a pantos style with curved top brow line and high keyhole bridge.