Neubau strikes out as independent entity

The Silhouette brand confirmed plans to operate as an independent company as of 1 January

Neubau frames on model
Austrian eyewear company, Silhouette International, has confirmed plans for its brand, Neubau, to operate as an independent company from 2021.

Neubau will begin operating as an independent subsidiary of Silhouette as of 1 January, sharing in a statement that the move will “lead the brand towards a successful future.”

The company plans to focus on resource-efficient production and refine its key markets, concentrating on the premium sector.

Silhouette launched Neubau in 2016 as a brand focused on offering urban designs using sustainable materials. The company said: “Because of its high design standards and environmentally conscious production processes, Neubau Eyewear has made a name for itself as a brand that knows how to combine stylish, sustainable design with dynamic technological innovation.”

Neubau outlined that, as an independent company, it will “focus more fully on sustainable, trendsetting products distributed through its own sales and marketing channels and through selective business partnerships.”

Daniel Liktor, global brand director of Neubau, commented that the brand has taken an “active approach” to the current situation, adding that it was “choosing to see the changes in society and on the market as an opportunity.”

“The step of establishing Neubau Eyewear as an independent company was necessary for us to independently implement our progressive ideas and vision,” Mr Liktor said. He continued, “We are aware of our brand’s strengths and want to steer it towards a successful future with significant growth.”

The eyewear company will be concentrating on the premium eyewear market and plans to enter into long-term partnerships with selected optical practices from the premium sector.

Neubau will also be focused on countries and regions which it sees as having the highest potential, continuing to focus on the Benelux, Italian and DACH (Austria, Germany and Switzerland) markets, as well as Paris, London and Barcelona.

Mr Liktor explained that this step takes a “less is more” approach, adapting the portfolio and target markets.

The Neubau frames will still be made in Austria at the two production locations operated by Silhouette International.

Earlier this year the brand published a Sustainability Guide, outlining its commitment to sustainability. Neubau highlighted that it has used bio-based polymer as the primary material of its eyewear production since 2017. The brand created its own material – naturalPX – 65% of which is made of castor oil.

This year Neubau launched a collection of 100% biobased eyewear featuring a new material, Natural3D. The material is also drawn from the seeds of the castor oil plant, but the frames are created through a 3D printing process, which the company suggested allows for waste-free production.