Bollé embraces AR experience for winter products

Aiming to support retailers, the new experience will allow consumers to experience a selection of Bollé’s products without touching them

Bolle goggles
Bollé has launched a new augmented reality filter, aiming to support winter sport retailers in helping customers to experience goggles and helmets.

With the new feature, customers can experience Bollé’s Phantom lens, as well as see what they would look like in the brand’s RYFT helmet and Nevada goggles – without having to touch the products.

The company has partnered with QReal and M7 Innovations for the AR experience, which it says is a first for the helmet and goggle industry.

Available on Instagram, the filter demonstration encourages users to ‘try on’ the Phantom lens, and the RYFT helmet. Consumers can use the feature to picture the helmet and goggle on themselves, then flip their camera around to experience a range of Phantom lenses. Users can also introduce goggle effects such as high contrast, anti-fog and photochromatic.

Bolle Phantom lens
Bollé’s new AR experience invites consumers to ‘try on and try out’ its Phantom lens, the RYFT helmet and Nevada goggles

The Bollé website features interactive 3D models, offering bullet point information all the way around the model, including on the back, an innovation that marks another industry first, Bollé has suggested.

The company believes the feature will help customers experience the brand’s products wherever they are, enabling a more confident purchase at retail outlets. Once users have ‘tried’ out the lenses, they are able to purchase through the brand’s e-commerce website or look for a participating dealer.

The new experience follows the launch of an app this summer to allow consumers to try the Phantom lenses directly from a smartphone.

Michael Sakellaris, vice president sales at Bollé Brands, commented: “We believe that experience is worth a thousand words, especially when talking about technology.

“The Phantom AR experience we launched this past summer was a massive success not just because of the innovation it delivered but also because it was a timely response to address the sanitary constraints faced by shops during COVID.”

He continued: “With this winter version of the AR, we extend this support to our winter products retailers and provide them with a full package: a concrete tool to boost sales and consumer interaction, supported by communication plans and merchandising tools.”