Silhouette expands full-rim collections

Building on the success of its SPX Illusion collection, the brand has released new frames into its full-rim portfolio

KY silouhette
The Austrian eyewear brand, Silhouette, has expanded its full-rim glasses collection as the brand seeks to continue diversifying its offering.

Known for its lightweight, rimless eyewear, the brand has been diversifying its designs and expanding into the full-rim market this year.

Silhouette has introduced four new collections into its full-rim offering, expanding its portfolio to over 30 full-rim models.

Telling OT about the decision to expand in 2020, Perry Moore, managing director of Silhouette UK, said: “With full-rim frames becoming more prevalent in eyewear trends, it was a natural progression to expand our portfolio this year.

“After refinement, 2020 has allowed us to branch further into this field, with Infinity View, for example, providing a wider variety for all tastes and new wearers of all ages.”
The full-rim frames continue to offer Silhouette’s signature lightweight benefits, which the brand suggests provides elegant but well-fitting frames.
The new Momentum full-rim collection features a unique butterfly shape, along with two square designs in a range of new tints, while Silhouette’s Lite Spirit collection offers retro styles ranging from soft tones to on-trend shades.

The Infinity View collection offers a high-tech build that draws inspiration from contemporary shapes. The frames are offered in colours ranging from a modern transparent look to bright or earthy tones.

Finally, the SPX Illusion collection is made entirely from Silhouette’s SPX material, with hypoallergenic qualities and integrated functionality, screwless hinges and minimalist design.

The move to expand is built on the success of the brand’s SPX Illusion collection, launched in 2015. Mr Moore explained that the collection has evolved over time, and now occupies a 15% share of total frame sales within the UK and Ireland.

“The SPX Illusion is a pillar of Silhouette’s design; crafted from our original SPX material, the model offers incredible lightness and hypoallergenic comfort which is what attracted its immense popularity,” Mr Moore explained.

“Applied to classic shapes, the SPX Illusion portfolio is the perfect full-rim all-rounder. We’ve taken this classic design and adapted it for a more trend-driven audience through the likes of the Infinity View and Momentum frames and the soon to be launched Lite Wave collection,” he added.

For the year ahead, Mr Moore said the brand is looking to continue broadening its designs and portfolio, which it hopes will broaden its audience in turn.

“Catering for more spectacle wearers, we are widening our offering to provide something for every style preference,” Mr Moore concluded.