Behind the brand

An extra dimension

Optometrist and owner of Booth & Bruce, Peter Sunderland, tells OT  about the company’s plans and why its eyewear stands out from the crowd

Booth and Bruce

Can you tell OT  three interesting facts about Booth & Bruce?

  • The owners of Booth & Bruce, Peter Sunderland and Richard Peck, are both UK-based practising optometrists, who met during their pre-reg years
  • Booth & Bruce was founded in the early 1990s by Peter Booth and Jeremy Seton, who also had a small group of optical practices. So when Peter and Richard took over in 2014, it was like a little piece of history repeating
  • Although Booth & Bruce frames are sold all over the world, it wasn't until five years ago that it diversified into the Sun by Booth & Bruce range, which has added an extra dimension to its collections. 

What makes Booth & Bruce unique?

Being designed by optometrists gives us an edge of saleability. We are designing frames, that we need to see on our own shelves as well as in other opticians. Every Booth & Bruce frame is designed with the wearer in mind. Who is going to wear it? How comfortable will it be? Will the colours suit different skin types? So apart from the funky aspect, our frames are very wearable.

Booth and Bruce frames
Booth & Bruce’s ‘BB2007 Gold Flamingo’

What is the latest collection that Booth & Bruce has released and why does it stand out from the crowd?

Our spring/summer 2020 collection has eight optical frames and six sunglasses models, each available in four different colours. This season, we have selected some great colours to start the 20s with, from transparent pinky gold (‘BB2007 Gold Flamingo,’ pictured above), to Pantone colour of the year blue (‘BB2003 Chesterfield’). Booth & Bruce's strength is using fabulous bold colours, with funky on trend designs, that help the wearer stand out from the crowd with confidence.

What are the company’s UK plans for the next 12 months?

For the next 12 months, we aim to develop our UK network of partner opticians extensively. We have taken on three new regional reps and plan for two more, making it even easier to get the collection into stores for the optician teams to look at and buy in. This alongside our very well received Premium Partner Plan will make 2020 a roaring success for both Booth & Bruce and our partner stockists.

Being designed by optometrists gives us an edge of saleability


What external factors are the company taking into account when planning for the future, and why?

Of course, we cannot talk about external factors without thinking about the "B" word…Brexit. With this in mind, there is a little bit more waiting and seeing to be done. Of course, our trade to the US, Australia and other countries will not be affected by it, so we will continue there as always. However, we will be planning for all possible outcomes for our partners within the EU. Whatever the outcome of Brexit, Booth & Bruce will be ready. 

What do you predict eyewear trends to be in 2020?

As we all know, trends, and fashion, tends to be cyclical. Currently, we are experiencing a boom in the thin, metallic, minimalistic frames, and so it stands to reason that we will see an emergence from this, with a probable eventual return to the thicker acetate that Booth & Bruce built its name on in the 1990s.