Marcolin preparing for “uncertainty” post-Brexit

The eyewear company told OT  at Silmo that it is thinking about how to best support its customers as Brexit talks continue

sunglasses and case
“We’re thinking very carefully about Brexit, but the challenge is preparing for the unknown,” Marcolin’s managing director for UK, Ireland and Nordics, James Gotch, told OT at Silmo (27–30 September).

Mr Gotch explained that it is destabilising for customers to have uncertainty, but added: “The point is less about what we do materially post-Brexit, but how we support customers in a time of uncertainty.”

He shared that customers are looking for a strong partnership in terms of service, brands and agility in being able to help them meet changing needs.

“This is a moment for us to be listening closely and understanding what the market needs are today and tomorrow,” Mr Gotch said.

Speaking about launches, Marcolin’s CEO, Massimo Renon, explained that the company was showcasing eyewear styles from its new, four-year Adidas partnership.

“The brand is strong and it gives us the opportunity to work in two different streams. Adidas Original is about streetwear and lifestyle, while Adidas Badge of Sport is about technical performance. Both segments can reach the same consumer,” Mr Renon said.

Styles from its existing portfolio brands, such as Guess (pictured) and Swarovski, as well as Omega and Longines, plus Victoria’s Secret, were also on display at the event in Paris.