ic! Berlin unveils new branding at Silmo

The German eyewear company aims to tell stories of its hometown through branding, marketing and eyewear

ic! Berlin frames
The new branding for ic! Berlin is inspired by the German eyewear brand’s home city, the company’s global brand director, Pablo La Rosa, told OT at Silmo (27–30 September).

Founder Ralph Anderl decided to sell the eyewear company two years ago. Since then, ic! Berlin has been working on the next steps and finding a way forward without its founder.

Mr La Rosa explained: “We have a new brand strategy that is focused on Berlin. It is our hometown and where we produce all of our eyewear. We have a new logo that has evolved from the old one, so it isn’t a complete change. There is a mixture of fonts; a serif font that represents the premium aspect of our product and then an edgy font that represents precision in our products,” he said.

Through its new branding, marketing and collections, ic! Berlin aims to tell the stories of the city it calls home.

“We play with all aspects of the city; the edgy side or the clean side with real personalities. The models in our campaigns are not professionals, they are real people with their own stories,” Mr La Rosa said.

The brand’s launches at Silmo included 12 frames in its classic collection for men and women. It features eight spectacles and four sunglasses in a range of shapes, such as hexagonal and panto, and autumnal colourways including mint green and clay.

Women’s sunglasses feature a special hinge. Mr La Rosa explained: “Our hinge is usually on the side but in these frames it is hidden behind the front so that it allows the designer to have more material to play with. It also hides the technical aspect of the frames.”

Another launch included the collaboration with the furniture designer Sebastian Herkner, who was named designer of the year 2019 by the Maison & Objet exhibition at the same venue as Silmo. The capsule collection is the first eyewear range by the designer and includes four frames – two spectacles and two sunglasses, each available in four colour options.