Thrill of the unexpected

Creative director at Mondottica, Sam Craig (pictured), tells OT  about the first eyewear collection from fashion brand Scotch & Soda

Sam Craig

Who is the Scotch & Soda eyewear collection designed for?

When you enter their stores, you are struck by the curated eclecticism of the collections thus Scotch & Soda do not believe in target groups. In saying that, the eyewear collection is designed for adventurous souls looking for the thrill of the unexpected, including urban dwellers, liberal thinkers and treasure hunters. 

Where are the main markets that Scotch & Soda eyewear will be launched in, and why is the UK important to the brand?

The key markets for the eyewear collection are Germany, Benelux, France and the UK. Germany and Benelux are the countries where Scotch & Soda is best represented. However, with over 8000 points of sale and more than 210 stores worldwide, the collection will be offered globally. The UK is a strong growth market for the brand, so the eyewear launch will add to this momentum.

What was the inspiration behind the range?

The spirit of Scotch & Soda is exploration. It runs throughout the eyewear collection with hidden details to discover. The collection truly represents all that is Scotch, with rich storytelling throughout and close attention to detail as a mark of care and quality. For example, we have been inspired by local Amsterdam traditional architecture such as doorways and their carvings. Five distinctive eyewear stories have been woven into the debut collection, from sunglasses inspired by cocktails at sundown, to pieces that feel that they are box-fresh vintage originals.

sunglasses SS8003
Scotch & Soda sunglasses, ‘SS8003’

What elements of Scotch & Soda’s fashion line will be evident in the eyewear collection?

Inspired by their dream-vintage research, the Scotch & Soda launch sun collection moves from edge-of-the-pool chic to romantic getaways. Whether on a date or with a mate, there is something for everyone.

What styles would you highlight from the collection?

In the sun range, ‘SS8003’ is a very fine and lightweight frame with milled detailing over the top of the lenses and terrazzo marble inspired detail on the end tips. With three other colours in metallic hue variants. The champagne version with soft tonal lenses comes with a limited-edition cloth featuring a brand’s iconic Keoni pattern.

Also, ‘SS5003’ is an example of eclecticism. This style has a geometric shape and thin, super light temples and multi coloured lenses graduated like a hot summer’s sundown. It is offered in four colourways, with minimalist gold or copper metal work and tonal colour pops with coordinated gemstone nose pads.

From the spectacles range, ‘SS2002.’ Its fine metal structure is both classic and modernist with twisted temple joints. Intricate diamond cut details in sun burst engravings on the temple tips meet a discreet Scotch & Soda logo.

The ‘SS1003’ style also plays with this sunburst theme on its temples but also includes coin edge detailing on the underside of its half-rimless geometric frame and variant coloured gemstone nose pads.

What are the shapes, colours and materials that will be used?

Classic shapes are remastered with a twist of Scotch & Soda. The metal frames are embellished with bespoke engravings like reeded coin-edge details, as well as acetate styles featuring tonal marble or confetti-inspired eclectic patterns and rivets on the temples, all having been adapted into the brand’s identity. We also use triple coloured lenses matched with tonal acetate top bars for an extra modern touch.

glasses SS2002
Scotch & Soda spectacles, ‘SS2002’

What does Scotch & Soda add to Mondottica’s portfolio of brands?

Mondottica prides itself to be a global eyewear brand partner with a true world citizen spirit as our motto “Eyewear Without Borders” says. Our core values are aligned with Scotch’s own vision of Amsterdam-inspired yet world-curated brand: a brand that is rooted in the nature of the city they’re from, yet curious about the bigger world out there and aware that inspiration can be found anywhere.

How was the collection designed?

Scotch & Soda have the most amazing design studio – it’s in an old church. They design everything from scratch, paint canvases, make and eat lunch together in the canteen with their dogs. We have loved working there in their element to design a truly original collection from Amsterdam to beyond.