“A new era of refraction”

Essilor teases new digital phoropter and lens that can be prescribed in 0.01 dioptre steps

digital phoropter
Essilor has announced the launch of a new digital phoropter that promises “a new era of refraction.”

In October, the company will launch the Vision-R 800, which will enable practitioners to achieve more accurate refraction by controlling powers to 0.01 dioptres.

Vision R-800 technology provides simultaneous and instantaneous changes of sphere, cylinder and axis, which reaches the final refraction quicker by approximately five to eight minutes than traditional methods.

Essilor explained that the automated elements of the device focus on accuracy while keeping the optometrist involved by utilising their prescribing experience.

Head of instruments at Essilor, Paul Cumber, said: “The patient has a wider field of vision when looking through the Vision R-800 thanks to its thin and compact design compared to traditional phoropters. The patient also feels less fatigued thanks to a quicker sequence of tests and a shorter examination time. The Vision R-800 makes difference easier to perceive and as a consequence, responses are easier to give.”

The device is complemented by the next generation of Varilux X series – Advanced Vision Accuracy (AVA) – which enables the practitioner to prescribe lenses in 0.01 dioptre steps.

Essilor explained at a press event that the ophthalmic lens presents a new way for practitioners to improve performance of a lens beyond personalisation.

The company has also invested £2.5m into ARTline at its laboratory in Thornbury. The manufacturing process cuts out the toxic-heavy metal alloy from lens production, making it a more environmentally sustainable process.

Managing director of Essilor, Tim Precious, said: “We are committed to meeting very high environmental standards and our recent £2.5m ARTline investment at our Thornbury laboratory illustrates this.”

Head of manufacturing and logistics at Essilor, Andy Duddridge, explained that ARTline uses a reusable acrylic block-piece and an organic UV-curable adhesive, rather than alloy and tape, to fix and protect ophthalmic lenses.