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The push towards greener and more sustainable solutions in eyewear

From organic lenses to eco-friendly suppliers, fashion eyewear is embracing a greener approach to manufacturing

Dick Moby sunglasses

The tide is turning. Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about their environmental footprint, and fast fashion seems, finally, to be moving into the slow(er) lane. Individuals and companies alike are considering supply chains and embracing sustainability and philanthropy. Here we look at three eyewear brands with a conscience to be proud of.

Organic and renewable

Austrian lifestyle eyewear brand Neubau Eyewear’s motto is ‘see and do good.’ Sourcing its spectacles and sunglasses ethically, it produces them using its own unique material, naturalPX. This is an eco-friendly material made from organically sourced, renewable primary products. The cases for all naturalPX frames are manufactured from a cellulose base without any need for glue, making them easily recyclable. The cleaning cloths are made from recycled bottles. This focus extends to all of Neubau’s marketing materials, which are produced with specifically selected materials by eco-friendly suppliers and all packaging uses recycled paper.

Neubau Eyewear, ‘Hannes’ and ‘Max’ (pictured below)

Neubau sunglasses

Zero waste solution

Pala is an ethical eyewear brand with a difference: a range of sustainable, long-lasting sunglasses that support life-changing vision projects in Africa. This season the ‘Zuri,’ ‘Asha’ and ‘Pendo’ frames all come in a recycled acetate option. This innovative material is made from otherwise wasted factory offcuts, providing a zero waste solution to manufacturing.

Pala, ‘Zuri’ (pictured below)

Pala eyewear

Oceans 115

Dutch brand Dick Moby cares about the seas and oceans, and takes oil-free and recycled materials to make beautiful eyewear. It believes that looking good need not compromise the planet, and its bio-based – acetate plastic’s smarter, eco-friendlier cousin – is made from wood pulp and zero oil. It keeps the pollution down and biodegrades in 115 days.

Dick Moby, ‘Agadir’ (pictured below)

Dick Moby sunglasses

Image credits: Neubau Eyewear, Pala, Dick Moby