Tom Davies celebrates Chelsea in Bloom

A floral window display and sea-themed eyewear were created for the event

Tom Davies window display
Tom Davies created an under-the-sea themed window display at its Sloane Square practice in London for this year’s Chelsea in Bloom (20–25 May).

Inspired by the underwater world and the need to protect our oceans, the British eyewear brand teamed up with florist Elizabeth Marsh to create a blue floral display.

It featured oyster shells made from recycled plastic, moss and flowers, plus a wave on the top of the shop front created out of blue and white flowers that appeared to be crashing into the practice.

Tom Davies also designed a range of seaweed and clam-shaped frames made from recycled premium acetate that is normally wasted during production.

Founder of the eyewear brand, Tom Davies, said: “I’m delighted to take part in Chelsea in Bloom again and support this fun and vibrant occasion. Since positive luxury and sustainability are a main focal point for me, I wanted to connect it to this year's theme.”