Techno-glamour style

The CEO of Blackfin talks to OT  about future eyewear collections and its new factory

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Blackfin is evolving from a technical to a designer brand, according to CEO of the Italian eyewear company, Nicola del Din.

Speaking to OT at Vision Expo East in New York (21–24 March), Mr del Din shared that the company has been working with a new designer in order to evolve the collection.

“We’re going for a more techno-glamour style,” he said.

Frames in its current collections were described as “classic Blackfin styles” by Mr del Din with features such as 2mm titanium of the front of the frame, laser engraving and a range of colour options available.

The new designer is working on more contemporary styles with two levels of colour, plus technical hinges, the CEO told OT.

Blackfin is also building a new factory on its existing site that will be ready in spring 2020. It will be a five-floor building with a roof garden.

Mr del Din explained: “The factory will be a special piece of architecture that represents the design of our frames. It will be completely covered in metal, like a metal diamond. As a result, everything will be more co-ordinated, which starts from the evolution of the product.”

He told OT that the company started inviting groups of practice owners to visit its factory three years ago.

“When you understand where the product comes from and what work goes into it you appreciate and love it more. Emotions are very important when you sell something. If the owner of the shop comes to visit our factory, their sales start to improve,” Mr del Din shared.

He added: “It creates more awareness of who we are as a brand. We think that after years of hard work on Blackfin that we are aware of who we are and what we can be. We understand that we have to be ourselves.”

When asked about the US eyewear market, in which Blackfin has distributed for six years, Mr del Din said that New York is different from the rest of the country.

“In New York there are high-end shops coming through, which we are happy about. Elsewhere in the US, colours are appreciated more, but in New York the black and gold frames do well,” he explained.