Helping one million children see

The eyewear company is sharing stories of children is has helped through its programme

Young child
Eyewear brand Modo’s Buy a frame – help a child see programme has reached one million children, the company has announced.

Supported by the Seva Foundation, the programme provides free vision screening and training for teachers, as well as eye examinations, spectacles and surgery when required, to children living in areas of India.

To mark the milestone, Modo has refreshed the campaign and is sharing the stories of the children that it has helped.

Modo recently travelled to the sites across India where its programme is supporting children to see what a difference it is making. It shared the stories of Ashutosh, who dreams of being an architect, and Kaveri, who is an aspiring writer.

A spokesperson for Modo said: “Treating visual impairment in children requires an all-inclusive approach, from detection and treatment to prevention and education. This is what Buy a frame – help a child see does, all made possible with our customers’ help.”