Transitions to launch Style Mirrors collection

The company is promoting the benefits of having a second pair of frames to patients

Transitions Style Mirrors
Transitions will launch the Style Mirrors collection, which is targeted at a younger audience, next month (May).

The company explained that the lenses are designed to offer patients a more trend-led second pair of spectacles.

Business development and marketing director for Europe at Transitions, Laurent Dosseville, said: “Transitions is targeting permanent glasses wearers, the ones that can't live without their glasses. In their case, a second pair is very useful and comfortable. The wonderful and versatile Transitions technology is great as well for second pair. A pair designed for your outdoors activities, for example.”

Style Mirrors features Transitions’ ExtraActive technology. When indoors, the lens has a light flash mirrored effect and turns into a full-mirrored sunglass when worn outdoors.

Transitions explained that ExtraActive lenses react to UV with a tint that intensifies outdoors, which allows the wearer to have the right tint at the right time, reaching category three protection.

Colour options include blue violet, blue green, silver and gold, which Transitions said are designed to create a different image and mood for the wearer to express their personality rather than relying solely on the frames to do so.

“Transitions is targeting a younger audience, because we know that light sensitivity is widely spread across age groups. Everybody is concerned, nine out of 10 glasses wearers declare to be light sensitive. Single vision glasses wearers feel even more helpless than varifocal ones,” Mr Dosseville said.

He added: “46% of them believe there is nothing to do about light bothering them. They are looking for protection, comfort and style. Everything that Transitions can provide, especially with its exclusive range of colours: three iconic, four style and four style mirror.”

For further information, visit the Transitions website.