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De Rigo focuses on the environment

The eyewear business is ensuring its packaging is recyclable, compostable or re-usable

22 Mar 2019 by Emily McCormick

De Rigo is on a mission to make sure that the packaging that it uses is recyclable, compostable or re-useable

As of 1 February, the business could confirm that the majority of its packaging now meets this requirement. This includes eyewear packaging and point of sale material, which is now supplied by companies that are FSO – Forests for All Forever certified. 

The environmentally-friendly switches that De Rigo has made include new cartons that have been designed using natural fibres and feature internal separators that aim to reduce the volume of the packaging that is used.

Bubble wrap made from a bio-compostable material replaces plastic bubble wrap, while padding material has been switched to recycled paper. For sending spare parts, it is now using padded envelopes made from recycled paper with a corrugated inner lining.

De Rigo is also providing a guide for customers to advise them on how they can improve the recycling process.

Speaking about the changes, the company confirmed: “This is just the first step in the company’s new eco-friendly ethos aimed at ensuring the exclusive use of sustainable materials for all its packaging. Because proper waste management and recovery helps to protect the environment, not just for us but also for our children.”

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