Me and my glasses

“I wanted to create something stylish and bomb-proof”

Adventurer Bear Grylls talks about his partnership with Revo and why great lenses and robust design is king

Bear Grylls

How many pairs of spectacles and sunglasses do you own? 

There has been quite a number that I’ve picked up on my travels, but really only a few good quality Revo sunglasses that are my go-tos for work and play.

Can you describe your favourite pair of sunglasses?

I think great lenses and robust design is king when it comes to shades. The ‘Maverick’ style is super strong and a good fit with the wrap-around.

I wanted to create something stylist and bomb-proof


What frame shapes, colours or styles do you usually go for?

Eyewear that has a classic sporty look to it will always be my go-to. Perhaps with a splash of colour on the lens, which keeps it fun, especially when I’m in mountain terrain. Sometimes, when I am out and about in a city, I will wear an aviator style, but I always feel a little self-conscious in them.

How important is it to you that your eyewear looks good as well as being functional?

Functionality is hugely important for me when it comes to eyewear, especially when so much time is spent dangling off rock faces or out at sea. Simple is good, but above all, eyewear should be robust and able to deal with our crew accidentally sitting on them in the back of Land Rovers in a jungle – as always happens.

Bear Grylls

Why did you decide to partner with Revo for this collection?

I’ve worn several brands in the past, but the lens technology on Revo is second to none, so that was a big pull. Its mirror coating is a NASA-based technology and it’s a huge step forward in the eyewear space. I had the opportunity to meet up with the Revo team and its ingenuity and forward thinking really inspired this collaboration.

Your motto is ‘inspire, equip and empower.’ How do your glasses achieve this?

I wanted to create something stylish and bomb-proof. I know from experience that having confidence in your gear empowers you no matter where your adventure takes you. Dependable eyewear is key on any expedition and that’s why we came up with the Revo Superflex “indestructible” frame material. It is from this that we designed a collection of four signature models – and I’m hugely excited to be launching this line.