Creating a more sustainable future

The new Elevate collection by MonkeyGlasses is inspired by green role models

Christian Hasle

MonkeyGlasses has launched its Elevate collection, which is inspired by the Danish company’s desire to secure a greener and more sustainable future for the planet.

Designer and CEO of MonkeyGlasses, Mai-Britt Seaton, said: “We are all, consciously or unconsciously elevating and inspiring each other, and the choices each one of us makes, has an influence on one another and our planet.”

The campaign for the collection features a group of green role models, who have inspired MonkeyGlasses through their professions. This includes owner and head chef at Metier, Christian Hasle (pictured), who is wearing ‘Paris’ from the Elevate collection.

The company added that with engagement, diversity and a green way of thinking, we are all able to take part in the creation of a more sustainable future.

The Elevate collection will be the first MonkeyGlasses range to be sent in packaging made of recycled paper. Previously, the company has used poly-bags that are made of recycled plastic.

For further information, visit the MonkeyGlasses website