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Kaleos Eyehunters launches new eyewear collection inspired by solar storms

Kaleos Eyehunters eyewear

Kaleos Eyehunters has launched its new Aurora eyewear collection which is inspired by energy and light.

The collection features a range of round eyewear styles made from a mixture of acetate and metal with styles available in silver, gold or black.

Drawing inspiration from the unique colours of a solar storm, the company said that no two designs in the collection are the same.

Describing the inspiration for the designs, a spokesperson for the company said: “We designed the collection with the natural weather phenomena in mind. When a solar wind of charged particles travels through space at the speed of light it gives way to tiny bursts of colourful rays and this is reflected in the distinctive patterns and prints used on the frames.”

Kaleos Eyehunters eyewear

In order to keep its eyewear collections unique and exclusive, the company has announced that it will only release two main collections each year going forward, with a series of limited edition capsule launches In between.

“With this newly scheduled calendar, we challenge ourselves to be pioneers of trends in the world of eyewear and to continue to create innovative designs,” the company explained.