Zoobug previews sunglasses at London Fashion Week

The new collection features panda-shaped frames designed for children aged three to six

Zoobug London Fashion Week

Zoobug London has previewed its spring–summer 2019 collection of sunglasses on the Mini Mode catwalks (pictured above) at London Fashion Week (14–18 September). 

The new range, which will officially launch at Silmo in Paris (28 September–1 October), features 10 new styles for children aged zero to nine years old and include polarised lenses to provide UV protection.

Styles include the round shaped ‘Panda’ (pictured below), which is an animal silhouette with ears to add a fun element for children when wearing sunglasses, the eyewear company explained.

Zoobug Panda eyewear

The frame features a flex hinge and is available in black and white, blue leopard and yellow or yellow and burgundy for children aged three to six.

A second ‘Panda’ frame is also available with a hinge designed by Spine Optics to ensure a good fit and comfort. A panda footprint is engraved in colour epoxy resin on the tips and is available in a black and white colour option.

For further information, visit the Zoobug website.

Image credit: Photography by Bear & Pine, Mini Mode at London Fashion Week