Frozen flowers

Fleye Copenhagen’s design team froze native flowers, which inspired the shapes and colours of its new collection

Fleye flowers
Fleye Copenhagen has launched its autumn/winter 2018/19 collection, which is inspired by Flora Danica, meaning Flowers of Denmark, a book of floral illustrations from the 18th century.

The eyewear company explained that a total of 41 new frames are available in a wide colour range with wild patterns that have been inspired by a photoshoot carried out by Fleye Copenhagen.

Fleye Copenhagen’s design team created native floral portraits and froze the flowers in ice blocks (pictured), which enlarged and distorted the shapes of the flowers.

Head of design at Fleye Copenhagen, Annette Estø, said: “Our idea was to emphasise the plants and illustrate their intrinsic qualities, just like the iconic Flora Danica illustrations from the 1700s, only doing so from a very new perspective. In these still-life images, taken by photographer Ida Emilie Risager, lies the inspiration for the rich and dense frame colours as well as the structures and layerings in our newest eyewear.”

For further information, visit the Fleye Copenhagen website.