Optimised vision

A new Dunelm Optical lens is designed for night myopia


Dunelm Optical has launched ‘Spectre Drive,’ a new personalised progressive lens that is designed for driving at night.

The company said that the lens combines digital ray-path technology with UV3G lenses in a new design for night myopia.

Surfacing manager at Dunelm Optical, Phil Lawson, explained that night myopia makes it difficult to focus on distant objects at night and affects ametropic and emmetropic patients.

“Standard progressive lenses can make it uncomfortable to drive, having an inadequate distance visual field or limited peripheral vision. ‘Spectre Drive’ has been developed to maximise intermediate to distance vision which are the areas most used for driving. It offers optimised vision of the road, dashboard and mirrors,” Mr Lawson added.

For further information, visit the Dunelm Optical website.