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Lightweight materials

A new men’s frame from Silhouette features no screws or hinges

27 Mar 2018 by Andrew McClean

Silhouette UK has launched the ‘TMA Unify’ frame for men (pictured), which is the latest addition to its Titan Minimal Art collection.

The frame is made from lightweight titanium and SPX material, features no screws or hinges and is available in four lens options.

‘TMA Unify’ is the first frame from Silhouette that is available to purchase complete with both frames and lenses under the Silhouette Vision Sensation programme – the eyewear company’s initiative to provide frames and lenses from a single source.

Speaking about the SVS programme, CEO of Silhouette, Jan Rosenburg, said: “Silhouette is known for its bold entrepreneurship and its commitment to continuous innovation, which creates boundless visual experiences. To achieve this, optimum unity of frame and lens is essential.”

For further information, visit the Silhouette website.


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