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Winter sunglasses from Ogi Eyewear showcase fashion-forward flair, according to the company

22 Mar 2018 by Andrew McClean

Ogi Eyewear’s luxury eyewear brand, Seraphin, has released its new collection of winter sunglasses.

The eyewear company said that the sunglasses showcase innovative, fashion-forward flair.

“Styles demonstrate a fine attention to detail ranging from intricate design in translucent tones to an exquisite chain brow in a classic cat’s eye shape,” Ogi Eyewear added.

The ‘Rosemary Sun’ model is a cat’s eye shaped frame that features frosted matte designs on a glossy translucent acetate. 

Other cat’s eye styles highlighted by the company include the ‘Scarborough Sun,’ which is available in tortoiseshell and black, and features an embedded chain brow. 

Pictured is the 'Scarborough Sun' model. 


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