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Concealed magnets

A new overshade from Norville is available in five styles with a choice of three colours

22 Mar 2018 by Andrew McClean

The Norville Group has launched MagnaShades, a lightweight overshade that snaps on to the front of frames via concealed magnets.

The ophthalmic lens supplier explained that MagnaShades offers prescription users a convenient solution to carrying additional spectacles with a quick conversion to sunglasses.

“Featuring five designs and with a varied choice of eye shapes there is sure to be a frame to suit your customers’ tastes. Combine that with the very affordable price, MagnaShades are certain to make a great addition to your practice range,” the company said.

MagnaShades is made from TR90 polycarbonate and is available in three colours. The overshade is suitable for plus prescriptions up to +4.00 and there are no restrictions for minus prescriptions, Norville shared.

For further information, visit the Norville website. 


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