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A new range of sports lenses has been launched by Optimum

20 Feb 2018 by Andrew McClean

Optimum has launched its Lenses for your lifestyle brochure, which includes the Optiform Sport range of lenses.

Optiform Sport is a range of personalised progressive lenses that offer the wearer an “extensive distance vision field with a minimum amount of oblique aberration in the periphery,” the lens company explained.

Designed using the company’s lens optimisation technology, Digital Ray Path, each lens is individually calculated to ensure an adaption solution for all prescriptions and base curves.

Optimum explained: “In order to play sports, it is essential to see all equipment properly, such as heart rate monitors, watches or maps,” adding: “The power distribution that these lenses provide has an adequate vision for both near and intermediate fields, maintaining good ergonomics – a crucial quality for sports.”

For further information, visit the Optimum website.


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