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Zana+Max update

SightCare launches new spring/summer eyewear collection

15 Feb 2018 by Emily McCormick

SightCare has launched the spring/summer collection of its Zana+Max budget eyewear collection.

The range is styled by William Morris London and is designed to appeal to men and women aged between 30 and 60, SightCare said.

Originally launched in 2017, SightCare CEO, John French, explained that the collection was established to offer patients high quality eyewear at affordable prices.

“We’re mindful that there is a real opportunity that exists to meet the needs of the independent practice and their patients by providing a quality mid-priced range of exceptionally styled frames,” Mr French said.

While Zana+Max women’s frames are designed to be “retro inspired yet forward thinking,” its men’s range is “more conservative in style” and mostly features metals and titanium.

“We look at what’s coming through and we re-work the designs to suit our market – it’s our aim to create stylish glasses that are not so fashion forward that people feel anxious or challenged wearing them,” said Robert Morris, creator and founder of William Morris London.

The latest collection features lighter, thinner acetate and uses oranges, blues and greens for colour.

For women, the new range also features more metal.

“I can see a gap, so the next collection will have a greater focus on metal, with rounder shapes, double bridges, and frames within frames. We’re heading back to the 40s and 50s, and I’m feeling really invigorated at the prospect,” Mr Morris said.

For more information on the spring/summer collection, telephone 01279 732420. 


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