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Jai Kudo Lenses to launch new glazed service

The supplier has partnered with Continental Eyewear to incorporate four eyewear brands into the service

01 Feb 2018 by Andrew McClean

Independent ophthalmic lens supplier, Jai Kudo Lenses, is preparing to launch a complete glazed service.

Launching in February, Jai Kudo Lenses’ new service has been made possible through investment in robotic glazing technology at its Liverpool based optical lab, including the installation of a MEI Racer finishing unit.

The service has been created in partnership with eyewear distributors, Continental Eyewear, and it will incorporate four eyewear brands – Reykjavik Eyes Black Label, Walter & Herbert, Jaeger and L.K.Bennett.

Group lens director at Jai Kudo, Paul Clapton, explained: “The service focuses on coupling high-quality frames with market leading glazing and lenses, all from a totally independent optical supplier.”


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