Expanding presence

New managing director at Area98, Monica Dal Cin, tells OT  what makes the Italian eyewear company stand out from the crowd


Congratulations on your appointment – what are your aims?

Thank you. My role is to lead the company on its global mission, with precise effectiveness and efficiency.

You have almost 30 years of experience in the sector, what made it the right time to join Area98?

Area98 is a small company but with great growth potential at international level. Its brands and its products speak a very precise and unconventional language that is synonymous with pure creativity and dynamism, elements that today are essential to stand out. I strongly feel that combining experience of processes, knowing the dynamics of the market and being able to transfer them through a complete new vision, we could really achieve important goals. This is the reason why I joined Area98.

What makes Area98 stand out from other eyewear companies?

It is a company that has believed in the strength of a product and the language of imagery since it was born, which is totally different from the majority of eyewear companies. Area98 has transformed this diversity into its strength by pursuing a more difficult path but with great pride, dignity and above all coherence, without ever being influenced by clichés or mass tendencies. I am sure that the alternative to stereotypes is to have a personality and to speak to those who seek it – Area98 can and would like to do that.

"We already have all the necessary ingredients to express our potential, consolidate and even expand our presence and market penetration at European level"

Can you tell me about the company’s business reorganisation?

Area98 needs to focus on some important aspects to achieve its aims. The first aspect I concentrated on was to assign a role of sales manager to a person with vast experience who had in his DNA not only the technique but characteristics such as passion, dynamism and vision, Luciana Olivotto. The second objective is to strengthen the marketing structure and its function as a catalyst for business needs and expansion. The third is to consolidate the organisation of internal and external sales structures, making them lean, while training the team on how to seize and develop new business opportunities.

What areas has Area98 identified for development?

Area98 deserves and aspires to play an important role in the international eyewear scene.

We already have all the necessary ingredients to express our potential, consolidate and even expand our presence and market penetration within Europe. We aim to do this while building made to measure strategies aimed at attracting new business partners in other areas of the world. This is the only way to start speaking to new types of consumers in the world about the existence of a new language of colour and vitality through which they can distinguish themselves by wearing our products and being different from the rest of the crowd.

What can we expect from Area98 in the next six to 12 months?

I hope you can expect, as I personally expect, great news. 2018 will be a preparatory year for us. We have in front of us the hard work of analysis and development of strategies in order to boost our presence and expand our distribution network at the most qualified international level in the coming years. The team is ready for this challenge.