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Carved with love

New styles have been made using acrylic in Kirk and Kirk’s new collection

15 Jan 2018 by Andrew McClean

Kirk & Kirk is exhibiting its new Spectrum collection at 100% Optical, which the eyewear company said plays with colour through design.

The six new optical styles – ‘Carter,’ ‘Emily,’ ‘Anna,’ ‘Joss,’ ‘Miles’ and ‘Polly’ – have been made using a special grade of acrylic, which has led to the creation of eight new colours.

Co-founder and designer at Kirk & Kirk, Karen Kirk, said: “I love working with acrylic, the colour opportunities are endless and often surprising.”

“As with glazing pottery, the shaping of the pot, or in our case the frame, has a significant effect on how the colour turns out – and for this collection the faceting of the frames was incredibly important to me, it felt as if I was literally carving the frame out of the material,” she added.

Kirk & Kirk highlighted that colour option ‘chocolate blue’ would suit a wearer looking for a vibrant frame, while ‘summer’ offers a statement with a fuchsia pink front and yellow interior and sides.

For further information, visit the Kirk and Kirk website. 


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