Data glasses venture proposed

Two German companies are looking to develop and commercialise a system for data glasses

24 Nov 2017 by Andrew McClean

German optics manufacturer Zeiss and telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom have notified the European Commission of a proposal to enter into a joint venture.

Zeiss confirmed to OT that the company is collaborating with Deutsch Telekom to produce data glasses.

“The goal is to explore and drive the application potential and future of data glasses. Therefore, we have now initiated the formal steps to establish a joint venture,” managing director of Carl Zeiss Smart Optics, Dr Kai Stroeder, told OT.

The two companies are seeking joint control of Carl Zeiss Smart Optics, an internal start-up that set out to design spectacles that feature augmented reality functions for the mass market.

Glasses would feature a ‘flying screen’ that appears in front of the eyes that can only be seen by the viewer. 

The European Commission has stated that on preliminary examination, the transaction could fall within the scope of merger regulation. As a result, interested third parties have been invited to submit their observations on the proposal. 


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