The new norm

Orgreen has designed frames for Hoya’s 3D tailored concept

04 Oct 2017 by Andrew McClean

New Orgreen frames have been added to Hoya Vision Care Group’s personalised eyewear concept, Yuniku.

The eyewear company explained that the frame designs reflect its “minimalist style and inventive colour combinations.”

Orgreen has designed 12 new models for the technology that will be available in five colour variants per design.

Yuniku measures facial features and calibrates the optimal lens position, before the frames are 3D printed.

Founder of Orgreen, Henrik Orgreen, said: “In the future, this level of 3D printing will be the new norm. We’re thrilled to be at the start of a whole new movement that’s turning the industry upside down.”

“Given Yuniku’s high level of sophistication, vision precision and the ability to tailor any frame to fit any face, it’s bespoke at its best,” Mr Orgreen added.

For further information, visit the Orgreen website. 


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