Sustainable spectacles

Edmonds & Slatter is preventing old eyewear from going to landfill

Edmonds & Slatter Opticians participates in the Vision Aid Overseas spectacle recycling programme

Edmonds & Slatter Opticians is taking part in the Vision Aid Overseas spectacle recycling programme, which takes place on World Sight Day (12 October).

The initiative will raise funds to give people access to eye care in developing countries as well as preventing old spectacles from going into landfill sites.

The charity receives around 3.5 million pairs every year and Edmonds & Slatter is highlighting its collection points across its stores in support of the scheme.

The Leicestershire-based independent is calling on people to donate any spare or unwanted spectacles at their sites for recycling, which takes place at the Vision Aid Overseas headquarters in Crawley.

Spectacles will be sorted into three categories; gold coloured frames will be sent to a specialist metal recycler and vintage or retro eyewear will be offered for restoration and resale. Eyewear materials will be sorted and extracted on the waste line for recycling, with the remainder incinerated at a waste for energy plant.

Vision Aid Overseas explained that the funds raised from the recycling process will help it provide a sustainable solution that delivers affordable eye care services from locally trained eye care professionals, with patients in need receiving brand new, low-cost spectacles.