Norville Group adds two models to its Progear range

Sprinter and Tackle expand the eyewear company’s sports range

02 Sep 2017 by Andrew McClean

Norville Group has added models Sprinter and Tackle to its Progear range, which aims to provide protective sports eyewear with safety and style in mind.

The Sprinter is inspired by pro-cycling team jerseys and is available in six colour combinations.

It features a ready-to-wear plano polycarbonate lens, rimless nylon shield lens for a wide field of protection, and an adjustable tip with anti-slip rubber for a snug fit.

The company added that Sprinter provides “a unique solution for Rx lens wearers,” with grooved Tivex Rx lenses replacing the plano central lens as fitted to the frame.

The new Progear Tackle has been designed to provide protection when playing contact sports, such as rugby, ice hockey and martial arts.  

Tackle’s inner layer has been moulded in polycarbonate for added retention of prescription lenses.

The frame, which is available in either matt black or blue, also features a barrel and screw system for precision and secure lens glazing.

The new additions join Progear’s portfolio of sports eyewear, which includes Racer Sportshades, the Dash Sports wrap and H2O swim goggle. 


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