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Rodenstock’s ImpressionIST 4 offers precise results

31 Jul 2017 by Andrew McClean

Rodenstock has revealed the new generation of its 3D video centring system, which features a new function for its Perfection Lenses.

The ImpressionIST 4 can measure each pupil’s diameter, offering a precise individual parameter for its “no compromise” optimum lenses.

The German manufacturer’s device can show the characteristics of different progressive, near vision and single vision lenses during a visual consultation with a patient.

“The heart of the unit is the 3D stereo camera technology for fast, accurate and automatic determination of the customer's individual parameters, and it does everything with just one photograph,” a Rodenstock representative explained to OT.

The new model provides 30% better camera resolution, can be controlled with an iPad, and is available in a free-standing or wall-mounted version.

For more information, visit Rodenstock's website.


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