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Shamir’s multi-purpose lens is now available with As-Worn technology

19 Jul 2017 by Andrew McClean

Shamir UK has launched Autograph InTouch with its As-Worn technology, a multi-purpose lens for wearers who are on-the-go.

The lens has been designed for regular users of the intermediate and near zones and is optimised to the wearer’s head-eye-hand position when using technology, such as a smart-phone or tablet.

A spokesperson for Shamir told OT that the Autograph InTouch lens “ensures easy close-up focus on small text in the 40cm-70cm range needed for viewing today's handheld technology, without losing sharp focus on immediate and distant surroundings.”

Autograph InTouch offers “up to 25% more additional power in the 40cm-70cm range when compared with other progressive lenses on the market. In addition, it offers both a reading area and an intermediate viewing area that are up to 22% broader,” the company told OT.

It has a soft design to provide easy transition between lens zones and Shamir’s As-Worn technology allows the lens to be individualised to prescription and frame choice.

Further information can be found on the Shamir website


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