Refreshing lenses

The new Zeiss lenses help ease digital eye strain

18 Jul 2017 by Andrew McClean

Zeiss has launched EnergizeMe spectacle lenses that are designed to relax and refresh consumers who suffer from tired eyes after contact lens use and reading on handheld devices.

The German manufacturer has identified ‘Generation &’ – consumers who don’t want to compromise on their wellbeing, eyewear or digital lifestyle – and has created its new lenses in recognition of the group’s demand to switch between contact lenses and spectacles.

A recent study conducted by Zeiss found that 65% of those surveyed can be considered part of ‘Generation &’ because of the importance they attach to their eye health in today’s digital world, which requires a shorter reading distance.

Marketing and communications director at Zeiss Vision Care UK, Peter Robertson, explained to OT: “Generation & want both contact lenses and spectacles, allowing their tired eyes to relax and preventing further eye strain caused by digital devices. Up until now, there has not been a product on the market specifically tailored to these needs, and Zeiss are looking forward to filling this gap with Zeiss EnergizeMe Lenses.”

The EnergizeMe lenses have been designed to ensure a wide visual field, are supported by Zeiss’ digital inside technology to allow the wearer to switch quickly between near and far, and feature its DuraVision BlueProtect coating that partially reflects high-energy blue light to minimise the potential risk of exposure to LED screens.


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