Silhouette expands its Dynamics Colourwave range

Silhouette launches a new collection of half-rim frames

28 Jun 2017 by Florence Adu-Yeboah

Silhouette UK has launched a new collection of half-rim frames as part of its award-winning Dynamics Colourwave range.

The Dynamics Colourwave Nylor collection includes eight new half-rim designs for both men and women which feature a delicate titanium rim over the top half of the lenses. 

According to the company, the frames retain the collection’s previous colouring and have “handsomely formed two-tone styles, that are exquisitely contrasted to cater for both a stylish or sophisticated look.”

The men’s frames, the company says, embody “Silhouette’s sense of classic style” with a black and silver design offering a timeless look, while the gold and maroon style creates a bold statement.

The women’s frames are available in four colour options and feature “beautifully contrasted two-tone colourways” that are inspired by spring florals, including lavender and silver, tanned and gold, rhodium and icy mind and gold and cotton.  

The collection is designed with Silhouette’s iconic lightweight timeless build and “each frame has unique SPX material covering the temple tips, paired with a minimalist mix of titanium that gives the frames their beautifully sleek look while remaining extraordinarily hardwearing and flexible.”

The frames feature a snap-hinge with no screws or fittings built in to the frame, ensuring each pair is low maintenance and durable. 

For more information visit the company’s website


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