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Eyewear company launches a ‘shop-in-shop’ concept display unit

30 May 2017 by Emily McCormick

International eyewear company Silhouette has introduced a product display unit that is designed to enable customers to learn about and embrace the brand. 

The ‘shop-in-shop’ concept unit can be fully customised to each practice because it is designed to “fit seamlessly into the retail architecture of each of Silhouette’s customer stores,” the company explained. 

The unit features mirrors, campaign images and a video outlet, which all work to encourage customers to interact with the brand and discover more about Silhouette.

Each display unit is tailored to suit the needs of an individual store and will be designed with the eyewear collections that a practice stocks in mind.  

Silhouette offers a full design and installation service free of charge, while practice owners will work with area sales managers from the company to plan the concept to best meet individual needs. Prior to building the unit, the concept is designed and simulated virtually, allowing practice owners to approve the display before it is built and installed. 

Head of marketing at Silhouette, Karen Parsons, explained: “Providing a seamless experience for our retailers is key to the Silhouette philosophy and the launch of Silhouette’s ‘shop-in-shop’ concept is just one example of the way in which we consistently invest in supporting its retail partners”. 

She added: “Silhouette’s new shop-in-shop programme is designed to help our retailers give their customers the best possible point of sale experience while doing all we can to support them.” 

The unit is available in 190cm and 110cm height options.  


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