Zeiss Office lenses are updated

Digital Inside Technology added ‘to meet the evolving needs of the digital world’

Women working in an office

Zeiss has launched its updated Office lenses which have had Digital Inside Technology added to meet the evolving needs of the digital world.

The company’s Office lenses were originally designed to meet the specific visual needs of patients during their occupational activities, with the aim of optimising their vision at work and helping to improve the effects of bad posture caused by sitting at computer screens too long.

However, spectacle lens wearers are spending increasingly longer hours using digital devices, both during the working day and in their free time.

The new Zeiss Digital Inside Technology accommodates the use of digital devices in daily lives, according to the company. It features an optimised lens design for a multi-tasking, digital lifestyle.

By taking into account the different reading distances for digital devices (35 cm) and print media (38 cm), the location and size of the near zone facilitates natural reading in both formats, Zeiss highlights.

The office lenses are the latest in the Zeiss portfolio to be powered by the company’s Precision Technology.

Made up of three pillars, the technology includes Clear Optics, with Zeiss precision in every step, according to the company and Dynamic Optics, with the company’s design philosophy based on the simulation of binocular vision and Thin Optics.

The third pillar is Zeiss Lens Aesthetics, said by the company to provide the best balance between optics and thin and lightweight lenses.

Zeiss highlights that its Maximum Intermediate Distance (MID) technology provides the wearer with optimum vision whatever the occupational viewing situation, or working distance required.

To improve dispensing choice, the Office lenses are available in three performance tiers – Zeiss officelens Plus and Zeiss officelens Superb come with a fixed MID of 100cm, 200cm or 400 cm.

The top, customisable option are Zeiss officelens Individual, which has an individual MID of 100-400cm and is tailored to the wearer’s specific needs.

In addition, the wearer's centration data, near working distance and spectacle frame dimensions are all used in the design and production of the lenses.

Carl Zeiss Vision marketing and communications director, Peter Robertson, said: “Zeiss continually innovates to ensure our customers can offer the best lenses to suit their patients’ needs. Zeiss office lenses, with Digital Inside Technology, is just one of the latest innovations, helping to combat the increasing demands of patients’ digital lifestyles.”

Mr Robertson explained that, unlike reading or progressive lenses, Zeiss Office lenses are optimised for all required distances while working in front of a computer screen, and are an ideal solution for second pair value-added dispensing.

For more information, call 0845 300 7788 or visit the company’s website.