British-made contact lens praised in Portugal

Case studies highlight patients’ success with Comfort 15 at educational event in Lisbon

Sonia Velosa and Andre Goncalves

Success at resolving a number of complex corneal cases in Portugal with the British mini-scleral lens, Comfort 15, has been highlighted at an event in the country. The contact lens is manufactured by No7 Contact Lenses of Hastings.

The contact lenses distributor in Portugal, Nova Optiforum, recently ran an educational event at The National Association of Optometrists in Lisbon during which a 53-year-old office administrator’s experience with the contact lenses was related to practitioners.

Nova Optiforum director, Sonia Velosa, told delegates that the woman had had a car accident which led to a loss of vision and a year off work, suffering the effects of a stretched optic nerve with diplopia and residual astigmatism.

Ms Velosa said that an eye care professional had told the woman that contact lenses were out of the question due to the residual astigmatism.  However, optometrist Vladimiro Hipólito, of Torres Vedras, in Lisbon, suggested the Comfort 15 contact lens to the patient. 

“Despite no previous experience of wearing lenses, she is doing very well with excellent near, intermediate and far vision, with none of the distances compromised,” Ms Velosa highlighted.

She added: “This lady also suffers from rheumatic problems and with the multifocal lens her posture has improved.  She is back to work and was delighted to relay the success of this very stable lens.”  

Another case study was reported of a 20-year-old woman who experienced gradual sight loss due to keratoconus that had brought her studies and social life to a halt. 

Ms Velosa said: “Her eye care professional said the only option was surgery. With her mother they sought a second opinion and she was successfully fitted with a Comfort 15 lens and her acuity went to 9/10 and 10/10. She is now back to studying and leading a full life.”

Ms Velosa is pictured left with Nova Optiforum’s orthoptist, Andre Goncalves, right, visiting the No7 Contact Lenses laboratory in Hastings.

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